Hello There

Well, hello there, stranger. I see you have somehow stumbled upon my blog in your adventure around this big, mysterious cyber world.

How you got here is a mystery to me. I am not famed, both in the real world and the cyber world. I am merely a student still in pursuit of my first Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronical Engineering in Kobe University, Japan. Why Japan? That is a story for another blog post.

Speaking of blogs, I have actually had 2 blogs in the past years. Both blogs I had when I was still in high school and the topics I chose were mundane, boring and of no value to anyone.(Sorry, high-school me, for being so harsh).

I do not expect anything from my blog. The main motivation for this was to just have somewhere where I could pen my thoughts, my feelings(this is still public so I would not be too revealing) and my opinion. It would be great to find like-minded people willing to join in one of my discourse on topics that interest me.

That is the plan anyway.




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