Realm Kansai,Japan Meetup #2

Last Thursday, I have had the pleasure to go to the 2nd Kansai Meetup of Realm Japan. To be honest, at first, I was rather apprehensive about going as I myself have never used Realm and was only there to hear first-hand about their service from an actual person from Realm Japan.

Also, the event was mostly attended by actual programmers and there were no other students around. Also, I was the only women around(something which I have to get used to because the engineering industry is still pretty-much male oriented) and needless to stay, I stuck out.

But anway, I am going off topic. I wish I took a few pictures from the Meetup – only managed to Instastory a bit in the beginning.

The Meetup was held at a place called Osaka Innovation Hub, located in the ever-so-stylish Grand Front Osaka. Anyone who has ever been to Grand Front Osaka knows how big it is and I got lost(fortunately made it in time though!)

The Meetup started with a speech from the sponsor of the event, Fenrir Inc and a short introduction of Osaka Innovation Hub(apparently it is a place dedicated to developing new technologies, so anyone with a rave new idea for a service or a technology should check it out!)

The main event was a presentation from Kishikawa Katsumi from Realm Japan(also a really well-known iOS programmer in Japan) on their newly released service, Realm Mobile Platform. The presentation slide itself is on the internet so anyone interested here is the link(got it from Kishikawa-san’s twitter) -> Click

Off-topic, but fun fact – Kishikawa-san is also from Kobe University which technically makes him my DaiSenpai! Unfortunately, did not have the chance to had a proper conversation with him during the after-party. Maybe next time(hopefully)

Kishikawa-san, being an iOS programmer, talked more on how Realm can be used with Swift. He also touched on issues that are bound to come up whenever someone talks about databases – conflict rules, event handling etc.

The second presentation was from Yamazaki-san who talked more on Java. I have zero experience on Java so I did not really understand what was going on during the presentation.. weak excuse, I know.

Overall, I was grateful to have had the chance to attend this meetup. I came back feeling determined to try out Realm. I am not yet knowledgable enough to actually write a tutorial(the blind leading the blind?) but I would recommend checking out Ray Wenderlich’s tutorial.

I just completed the tutorial, which deals with the Realm Mobile Database and not the new Realm Mobile Platform. Planning to learn and use the new Realm service though!

If you have used Realm before, I would love to hear your experience in the comment section below! 🙂


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