Try!Swift Tokyo 2017

Hey guys! Long time no see! I’ve been devoting most of my time to university and part-time job(iOS programming at a start-up in Osaka). This year has also been a stressful year at university as it determines whether I could go to 4th year or not.(Results are out, and it turns out that I do not need to repeat my 3rd year!) Anyway, I digress..

This post is about my time at a Swift conference called Try!Swift in Tokyo. This is my first ever conference and I did not know what to expect. Also, I am relatively new to Swift(just started last summer so I was worried whether I could even understand the talks or not)



My nametag for the conference. Look at the mascot – it is adorable isn’t it? His(her?) name is Riko and s/he is the official mascot for Try!Swift Tokyo 2017!



Sat somewhere in the middle. Close enough to be able to read the slides without any problem. As expected from a Swift conference, everyone was using Macbooks.

Here is a list of the talks on Day 1.

  1. Everything a Swift Developer Wanted to Know about Machine Learning But Was Afraid To Ask by Alexis Gallagher
  2. Swift on Android by Eric Wing
  3. Swift’s Pointy Bits by Nate Cook
  4. 3D Touch:Bring your apps to a new dimension by Meghan Kane
  5. Pixels,process and passion by Rikke Moller Koblauch
  6. Everyday Reactive by Agnes Vasarhelyi
  7. The Safety of Unsafe Swift by Ray Fix
  8. Tasting Tests at Cookpad by Kazuaki Matsuo
  9. Isolating your Data Layer by Jon Bott
  10. Writing your UI Swiftly by Sommer Panage
  11. Building a Swift Web API and Application Together by Kyle Fuller
  12. Swift Chatbots for Fun and Profit by Ray Tsaihong
  13. Craft Collaborative Apps With Realm by Marius Rackwitz
  14. Building your own Tools by Orta Therox
  15. Providing Better Feedback in Real-time Object Detection Apps by Shinichi Goto
  16. How to be a UX Engineer by Akatsuki174

In this post, I shall not go into much details into every talk partly because I do not feel qualified to do so. Also, they would probably release the actual presentation and video of the talk later. However, I would go into a bit in depth of the topics that interested me in a later post.

As you can see, a lot of the talks were by non-Japanese who presented in English. But of course, the organizers were prepared for that and gave everyone a real-time translator device so that people who do not know English well can follow up in Japanese.

I did not user the translator device but from what I heard from people, the translators did an amazing job. Cannot imagine how hard it must be to translate English-Japanese in real-time(plus all the technical words!)

Conferences like this means free goodies (I’m talking like I know my thing, but this is my first time..) and try!Swift is no exception.

The official T-shirt has the really cute Riko on it!




Sponsors of the events include well-known companies like Realm and IBM. One of the organizer from Realm, Kishikawa Katsumi is well-known in the Japanese iOS community and has given talks in try!Swift Tokyo and try!Swift Bangalore.


I did not manage to meet many new people on the first day, but I did learnt a lot of new knowledge concerning Swift. Some of my favorite talks of that day was the one on Machine Learning and the one on using Swift on Android. My understanding of these topics are still not that good enough, so I shall not elaborate further. Once I have studied more, I will post about it later.

All in all, it was a great first day. Everyone was excited, and the event went really well. Thank you so much for reading up to this point. Any comments are much appreciated 🙂







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